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What Others Are Saying

“Jenna gave a highly engaging Ted-style talk on the Power Container which deeply connected with our audience at the Atlanta Women’s Leadership Summit. She’s personable, upbeat, flexible, very professional and kept our event flowing well. What more could you ask for in a speaker and emcee.”

Shelley Taft

Sr. Program Director, ExecutiveSummits

“Jenna’s message spoke to me directly as a woman whose faced many similar hurdles in my climb through the leadership ranks.  I could have used her “Power Container” years ago to help me protect and sustain my power source for my own good as well as the good of those I serve. Jenna’s delivery is at once accessible and profound.”

Patti Talbot

Host, Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Jenna teaches us the value of self love in leading a successful life…how we stand up for ourselves and how we honor ourselves and protect our boundaries. Jenna helps break the myth that self-love is not selfish.”

Liz Brunner

Host, Live Your Best Life

“As a Black, female, immigrant in tech,  it takes a lot to speak up and find my power. Your Power within talk resonated with me because I have always struggled with finding my power. If I speak up then, I am too aggressive and I “Scare the men”,  if I don’t speak up then I am invisible. The power within eliminates the power differential .  It is okay to not self-sacrifice.  We need to get this message out to young women.”

Nadine Manjaro

Co-Chair Women of Teradata, Member of Teradata’s DE&I Board

“Jenna’s message is powerful and Inspiring. It’s what the tech community needs right now.”

Dale Peterson

Founder, S4 Cybersecurity Events

“Jenna shared her journey with such candor and humor, it was easy to relate and learn from her lessons. Her message to care for yourself FIRST, needs to be heard now more than ever as people have become so exhausted from this pandemic.”

Harriet Stein

Business Coach

Upcoming Events

October 4, 2023


Main Stage Speaker “Unleashing The Power of Self-Love” at Paytech Women Leadership Summit – Atlanta, GA

Join Jenna at the annual PayTech Women Leadership Summit, where over 500 industry leaders and rising stars across the global payments ecosystem will convene for inspiring and educational programming and networking!

At the closing “Wine Down” event, Jenna will be speaking on “Unleashing The Power of Self-Love” where she’ll delve into the importance of self-love and explore the perceived obstacles that prevent us from loving ourselves more. You’ll learn the common pitfalls and ways in which we sabotage self-love, and finally bust the myth that putting ourselves first is selfish.

All attendees of the closing Wine Down closing event will also receive a copy of her book “I Love Me More” and will have the opportunity to meet with Jenna and get your copy signed – courtesy of Global Payments.

November 1, 2023


Moderator & Speaker at CIO Meet – Atlanta, GA

Jenna is moderating this panel of thought leaders, visionaries and game changers – CIOs who are at the forefront of their fields

CIOMeet brings together InfoSec leaders with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries to connect the dots between innovation, efficiency, and collaboration.
Join us for a day as we discuss, debate, and challenge the current directions within the Office of the CIO through riveting panel discussions, thought-leading roundtable conversations, and intimate business engagements over an epicurean lunch.

How would you answer the following 3 questions…

1) Who are the three people that you love the most?

2) What relationship is the one you are currently working on strengthening the most?

3) Who is the highest priority in your life?

If your answer was not “yourself” to any or all of the above questions, perhaps now is the time love yourself more.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.  Your relationship with yourself outwardly affects all aspects of your life, including your: physical and mental health, career, financial well-being and your relationships.

In Jenna’s award-winning book titled “I Love Me More” she set out to crush the myths about how we should relate to ourselves.

She wants to help you STOP freely giving all your power away and start understanding your worth.

“This book is important. I’ve been saying for years that the number one thing that holds most women back is herself. Here Jenna holds a mirror up to us – and then gives us what we need to break the chains. I LOVE THIS BOOK!”

Sherry Deutschmann

Author of Lunch With Lucy, Founder & CEO of BrainTrust

“I Love Me More is an authentic and inspiring account of turning wounds into wisdom. Jenna’s experiences are relatable on many levels and balanced with so many important psychological concepts. If you’re looking for a beautifully simplified road map back to your Self, this is it.”

Nadine Macaluso, LMFT, Ph.D

Author of Trauma Bond Free and Ex-Wife to the Wolf of Wall Street

“I am so thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from reading “I Love Me More”. It’s seriously empowering! Literally, I now understand that I can just say no to any situation and fearlessly protect MY energy. Reading this book will help you realize that you ARE entitled to loving yourself more.”

Audrey Rose | Host of the Ready To Rise podcast

“Self-love makes you a one-woman revolution! Jenna’s book is powerful, generous and relatable…Jenna spares us the small talk and offers something  much more valuable: useful truth and a plan for finding the self-love you are worthy of.”

Judi Holler

Author of Fear Is My Homeboy, CEO of The Haus of {&}

The Jenna Banks Show

In this video series, Jenna discovers uncommonly-known tips, tools and advice from the experts in order to help YOU live life to your full potential.

You can now stream The Jenna Banks Show on the PowerFULL Women Plus channel available on ROKU, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Fire and over 300 other streaming platforms.

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