Hi, I’m Jenna! I’m an author, speaker, podcast host and a social entrepreneur on a mission to help you embrace loving yourself more.

I’d like you to ask yourself, what three people would you say are the highest priorities in your life?

What relationship is the one you are currently working on strengthening the most?

Fill in the blank:  I would hope that my family, friends or partner would say that I am a shining example of loving ______ the most.

If your answer was not “yourself” to any or all of the above questions, it’s time to fall in love with yourself and I Love Me More is here to help.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.  Your relationship with yourself outwardly affects all aspects of your life, including: your financial well-being, physical and mental health, career and your relationships.

In my upcoming book, releasing March 8, 2022, I use relatable examples from my own life story to convey important messages about how you can live a fuller, more rewarding life by embracing your own value and power.

Most women have been conditioned to believe that self-love is selfish and that self-sacrifice is a virtue.

Many of us focus our desire for love and wholeness outside ourselves and onto others, such as our partners, only to feel disappointed when we don’t get back what we give.

We’ve let our lives be ruled by outdated social norms, modeled to us since the day we were born, unconsciously allowing this conditioning to keep us from realizing our own value.

With I Love
Me More, I set out to crush the myths about how we should relate to ourselves.

I want to help you STOP freely giving all your power away and start understanding your worth.

In a down-to-earth, practical way, I guide you through topics such as defining self-love, the ways we sabotage self-love, how to put yourself first, how to use self-love to be valued at work, how to balance caring for yourself and caring for others, and much more. 

I Love Me More is being published with BrainTrust InkBrainTrust Ink is a publishing imprint that gives a megaphone to the voices of those who champion the equality of all people. BrainTrust Ink features titles with strong voices, narratives, and stories that nullify societal biases and inspire others to do the same.

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Advanced Praise for “I Love Me More”

“This book is important. I’ve been saying for years that the number one thing that holds most women back is herself. Here Jenna holds a mirror up to us – and then gives us what we need to break the chains. I LOVE THIS BOOK!”

Sherry Deutschmann

Author of Lunch With Lucy, Founder & CEO of BrainTrust

I Love Me More is an authentic and inspiring account of turning wounds into wisdom. Jenna’s experiences are relatable on many levels and balanced with so many important psychological concepts. If you’re looking for a beautifully simplified road map back to your Self, this is it. 

Nadine Macaluso, LMFT, Ph.D

Author of Trauma Bond Free and Ex-Wife to the Wolf of Wall Street

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In this video series, my mission is to shed light on some of the secrets, tools and expert advice that I’ve uncovered that can help you to live life to your greatest potential.

In some episodes I explore healthy relationship patterns vs. toxic ones, how to grow your personal wealth or your business, insights into how much power science is beginning to prove that we actually possess, and much more!  And of course, quite often, the topic of self-love is also discussed with many of my guests.

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