Hi Beautiful! What an amazing day today is!  Why?  Because you are alive and present here in this world ♥️.


I hope you believe that my love, and I truly hope that others in your inner circle make you feel that way too. 


Our friends, family members and partners can help us thrive. They can contribute to our feelings of being loved, understood, heard, valued, and cared for.


Sometimes though, relationships can also become unhealthy for us, toxic even, where interactions leave us feeling small, insecure, judged, anxious, disrespected, walked on, unappreciated or insignificant.


Whether it’s a friend we’ve known since high school, a family member, or a romantic partner. etc.


Any relationship where you don’t feel safe to honestly express yourself, you have to walk on eggshells, you are over-giving, and not receiving what you need, isn’t healthy.


Relationships that serve to bring you down, rather than lift you up, are toxic for you.


It’s up to us to take notice of our toxic relationships and decide that we are worth more than we are getting.


But it’s not enough to simply take notice. For our own well-being and self-care, we also have to take action.


Many times, a healthful balance can be found by changing our own behavior patterns, such as:


Communicating your needs in the relationship.
– Not being so available all the time.
Setting boundaries, saying no


While not always easy to implement, practicing any of these can reset the relationship, balancing out the power dynamics.


But sometimes no matter how much we try, the other party may simply not be capable of making you feel valued in the relationship.


And that’s when it may be time to move on.


It’s OK to outgrow relationships, my love, regardless of their relationship with you.


Even being of the same blood (having family ties) does not entitle anyone to have a relationship with you.


It doesn’t make you a bad person for doing what’s best for you. It makes you a self-loving person.


The more we can eliminate toxic relationships from our lives, the more room we make in our lives for new relationships that bring love, and positivity, and help us grow and thrive.


And you so deserve to have all that, and so much .


With all my love,



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“This is an absolute hall of fame email. Thank you Jenna. Fave line: When you focus internally on how you feel about you, rather than externally on how others feel about you, you’ll find much more lightness, joy, peace and love for yourself.”

Kevin Friedberg

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Pamela R.

About Jenna

About Jenna

Jenna Banks is a best-selling author of “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness & Success Through Self-Love”. She’s also a public speaker and host of The Jenna Banks Show whose work has been featured in media outlets that include Forbes, ABC, NBC and Authority Magazine.

Against all odds, she was able to pivot from the self-loathing survivor of a traumatic childhood and a nearly fatal suicide attempt, to someone who knows her worth and refuses to settle for less than she deserves. She now helps others discover the self-love they are worthy of.

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Vision Board Worksheet

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