Happy Thanksgiving week!! 🦃 


Is it just me, or does it feel like this year has flown by?! It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact the holidays are already here.


And yet, there’s so much to be thankful for, including: our families, friends, God/The Universe, our jobs, our homes, the food on our tables, and so much more.


But, when is the last time you’ve shown yourself some appreciation and gratitude?


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, and in the context of your self-love journey, I’d like to encourage you to take this moment to bask in some well-deserved self-gratitude.


Here is a quick exercise to get you feeling your own love and appreciation.


Think of at least 3 things that you are thankful for about yourself this year.


Here are just a handful of ideas for things you may be thankful to yourself for:


  • Perhaps you’ve been able to accomplish one or more goals.
  • Have you been taking better care of your health or well-being?
  • Have you been working on loving yourself MORE? That’s worth appreciating.
  • Maybe your offspring have flown the nest and are now building independent lives based on the opportunities you’ve been able to help provide them with.
  • Perhaps you gotten a well-deserved raise or promotion?
  • Maybe you’ve been able to spend time helping out your favorite charity or non-profit, or perhaps give back in other ways.
  • Our bodies serve us well and deserve our gratitude too!


To super charge this exercise, try writing out the things you are thankful for about yourself in your journal, and then expand on them.


Good feelings are guaranteed!


If you haven’t started a journaling routine yet, I cannot recommend journalling enough! It’s such a wonderful way to connect & grow your relationship with yourself.


For me, I’ve made it a morning routine, right along with my cuppa joe. It doesn’t have to take too long. 15+ minutes of personal connection time is a great way to charge up your internal power container before taking on the day.


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Much love,




P.S. If you’re on the market for a new journal and could use a suggestion for where to find one, this journal is a #1 best-seller on Amazon. The price is great and the reviews are pretty solid too

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About Jenna

About Jenna

Jenna Banks is a best-selling author of “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness & Success Through Self-Love”. She’s also a public speaker and host of The Jenna Banks Show whose work has been featured in media outlets that include Forbes, ABC, NBC and Authority Magazine.

Against all odds, she was able to pivot from the self-loathing survivor of a traumatic childhood and a nearly fatal suicide attempt, to someone who knows her worth and refuses to settle for less than she deserves. She now helps others discover the self-love they are worthy of.

Vision Board Worksheet

Vision Board Worksheet

Wishing you a year filled with happiness & success! 

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