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“I swear the love note that I received this morning was especially written for me, it was just the perfect message for the day.”

Tressen Bryant

“Another great one! I’ve never heard of this concept before getting this Love Note. I was able to use what I learned today at work during an interaction with a colleaugue and it was a real game changer for me. Thank you for helping me love myself more!”

Pamela R.

“Today’s Love Note came at just the right time. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for reminding me to prioritize my needs and my happiness.”

Shelly Johnson

“This is an absolute hall of fame email. Thank you Jenna. Fave line: When you focus internally on how you feel about you, rather than externally on how others feel about you, you’ll find much more lightness, joy, peace and love for yourself.”

Kevin Freidberg

Jenna Banks Love Notes To Myself Email Series

Give yourself this completely free gift. Love Notes To Myself are personalized self-love reminders and self-care inspired by my award-winning book “I Love Me More”.

Whether you’ve only recently started down your self-love journey or have been on the path for quite some time; it’s far too easy to revert back to the externally-focused, people-pleasing patterns and behaviors we’ve known our entire lives.

I write these personalized notes, to help you know how valuable and worthy you really are. Some of the topics I cover include setting healthy boundaries, undoing the belief systems that drive you to reflexively self-sacrifice and self-abandon and how you can find true happiness and fulfillment through self-love. 

Recent Love Notes

Love Note #174: Setting Boundaries Is Important For Your Well-Being

How do you look out for your well-being?    Perhaps you try to eat healthy, exercise, get the proper amount of rest, and do things that lift your spirit and make you happy?   In addition, something that I think is very important for our well-being is setting...

Love Note #172: Be A Role Model Of Self-Love For Our Children

I hope you now know that loving yourself is not selfish.    But for some reason, when it comes to our children, that logic seems to go out the window.   If we want our children to truly feel self-worth, we need to also be role models by showing them what...

Love Note #171: Be Your Own Best Friend

Are you in the habit of taking a pause to check in with yourself throughout the day?   Just imagine, if we were to consciously ask ourselves questions like "How do I feel right now?" or "What do I need in this moment?" Several times a day, we would be fostering...

Love Note #169: Receiving Is Just As Important As Giving

Do you ever feel pressured to do it all. Like you have to be "superwoman" with little or no help?   Far to often, we feel we must be there for everyone else, both at work and at home, while never having learned how to say no and set boundaries.   We learned...

example of love notes to myself by Jenna Banks


Because we can all use to remind ourselves of how awesome and lovable we are!

Unfortunately most of us have learned the opposite. We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that being hard on ourselves keeps us in line and helps us perform better.

But if you really stop and observe how all this negative self-talk actually makes you feel about yourself, and how it affects your performance, you’d realize (like I eventually did) that it really has the opposite result.

I created Love Notes To Myself as a way to foster thinking and feeling positively about ourselves as a MUCH more effective daily habit.

The more love we have for ourselves, the more love and good energy we bring into our world. And this in turn has a positive affect on everything and everyone we come into contact with.

About Jenna

Jenna Banks is a keynote speaker & emcee, author of the best-selling book “I Love Me More” and host of The Jenna Banks Show. Her work as a thought-leader has been featured in media outlets that include: Forbes, popsugar, ABC, NBC and CEOWORLD Magazine.

Having survived a traumatic childhood; she was able to go on to thrive both in business and in life. She attributes much of her success to learning how to undo the old conditioning that taught her to look outside of herself for her value and place herself and her happiness as her #1 priority.

She now focused on what she considers her passion and purpose – helping inspire others to know and own their value so they can step in to their full power and potential.

Vision Board Worksheet

Vision Board Worksheet

Wishing you a year filled with happiness & success! 

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