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Through her eye-opening keynote address called The Power Container™ Jenna Banks gives women an easy-to-understand framework with which they can use to think differently about power in order to break free from the status quo.

Her mission is to help women achieve their fullest potential, both in their careers and in life.

Jenna is an experienced speaker, event emcee and host of The Jenna Banks Show and The PowerFULL Women Roundtable Talks virtual event series.


She brings women’s events to life with her inspiring, upbeat energy, professionalism, leadership abilities and her expertise navigating career success, self-love and personal power.


Women today are clashing against deeply-embedded, unconscious social norms, feeling like they have only two choices they can make as they attempt to reach their goals of having a successful career:


1) Choose to be the ‘nice girl’, falling into people-pleasing behaviors that don’t help us garner the value and respect we desire.


2) Choose to be the ‘mean girl’ who fights her way to the top, but is seen as the dreaded ‘b-word’.


As more and more women are steping into leadership roles, it’s becoming painfully clear that neither of these choices are meeting our goals and objectives, and even worse, keep us disconnected from our power.


Unfortunately, we’ve learned bad habits in regards to power.


The truth is, most of us as women push power away, try to negotiate around it, or even run from it – taught since we were young to deny our authentic reaction to power imbalances and, instead, comply with society’s norms.


Whether in a family system, a work culture or society in general, Jenna teaches audiences exactly how we’ve learned these bad habits in regards to power.


When we instead show up as our most powerFULL selves, we can break these bad habits once and for all, and create new habits based on how we want to show up in the world today as fully empowered women.


Book Signings

Whether it’s 50 books or 5,000 books, Jenna will sign each one to create a more personalized and customized experience.

Virtual Events

Not your typical boring webinar! Bring in Jenna to do a virtual presentation or webinar to engage your audience at scale.

Panel Discussions

Whether you need a host or a panelist Jenna will make sure that the discussion is fun, engaging, and interactive.

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“Jenna gave a highly engaging Ted-style talk on the Power Container which deeply connected with our audience at the Atlanta Women’s Leadership Summit. She’s personable, upbeat, flexible, very professional and kept our event flowing well. What more could you ask for in a speaker and emcee.”

Shelley Taft

Sr. Program Director, ExecutiveSummits / BizSummits

“Powerful. Inspiring. What the tech community needs right now.”

Dale Peterson

Founder, S4 Cybersecurity Events

“Jenna teaches us the value of self love in leading a successful life…how we stand up for ourselves and how we honor ourselves and protect our boundaries. Jenna helps break the myth that self-love is not selfish.”

Liz Brunner

Host, Live Your Best Life

Vision Board Worksheet

Vision Board Worksheet

Wishing you a year filled with happiness & success! 

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