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Jenna is a keynote speaker, business leader, event emcee, podcast guest and host of The Jenna Banks Show, a video series aimed at helping women live to their full potential. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she travels worldwide to help bring your events to life.

She inspires audiences with her uplifting energy, compelling thought leadership and insights on achieving personal empowerment and business success.

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Unleashing The Power of Self-Love

In this session, Jenna delves into the importance of self-love and explore the perceived obstacles that prevent us from loving ourselves more. You’ll learn the common pitfalls and ways in which we sabotage self-love, and finally bust the myth that putting ourselves first is selfish.

Through Jenna’s inspiring stories and practical strategies, you will learn how to break free from self-criticism, guilt and self-judgement and cultivate a kinder inner dialogue. By prioritizing yourself and learning to set healthy boundaries, you will supercharge your career & life and build more meaningful relationships both at home and at work.

You will leave this session with a renewed sense of self-worth and the tools to cultivate the fulfillment and success that you deserve.

The Power Container

Using Jenna’s Power Container™ framework, she inspires audiences to think differently about power so they can reach their full potential.

By understanding the practice of self-love, she teaches how to identify and stop power drains that unconsciously occur in our everyday lives.

Just like we charge up our cell phones each day, Jenna demonstrates the importance of charging ourselves up daily through self-care practices, including the her “Joy List” audience activity.

Jenna’s thought-provocing insights, easy-to-understand framework and captivating story-telling takes audiences on a journey from feeling power-LESS to being power-FULL!


Book Signings

Whether it’s 50 books or 5,000 books, Jenna will sign each one to create a more personalized and customized experience.

Virtual Events

Not your typical boring webinar! Bring in Jenna to do a virtual presentation or webinar to engage your audience at scale.

Panel Discussions

Whether you need a host or a panelist Jenna will make sure that the discussion is fun, engaging, and interactive.

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“Jenna gave a highly engaging Ted-style talk on the Power Container which deeply connected with our audience at the Atlanta Women’s Leadership Summit. She’s personable, upbeat, flexible, very professional and kept our event flowing well. What more could you ask for in a speaker and emcee.”

Shelley Taft

Sr. Program Director, ExecutiveSummits / BizSummits

“Powerful. Inspiring. What the tech community needs right now.”

Dale Peterson

Founder, S4 Cybersecurity Events

“Jenna teaches us the value of self love in leading a successful life…how we stand up for ourselves and how we honor ourselves and protect our boundaries. Jenna helps break the myth that self-love is not selfish.”

Liz Brunner

Host, Live Your Best Life

Vision Board Worksheet

Vision Board Worksheet

Wishing you a year filled with happiness & success! 

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