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How To Set Boundaries And Protect Your Peace

  As a bred people-pleaser, boundary setting has been one of my biggest challenges in life.   That’s why, when I feel myself slipping and leaving my boundaries vulnerable, I remember that I must make a conscious effort to be aware of my boundaries and defend...

How Your Beliefs Can Prevent You From Thriving In Life

  "The meaning that you give an event is the belief that attracted it." - Dr. Joe Vitale   Are you aware of the term “limiting beliefs”?   When I discovered what this was, it was one of the biggest “aha” moments of my adult life.   As someone who...

The Benefits Of Owning Your Whole Story

  Why do we feel that it's necessary to hide who we are? Why do we behave like actors on the stage of our very own lives?   I do believe we all have a story to tell. But if what we share is not the real story, the entire story, the...

The Benefits of Putting Boundaries On Texting

  I had been dating someone for a month or so that I really liked a lot. From the very beginning of our relationship, he showed his character and consistency. He communicated regularly. He didn’t leave me hanging.   This was a welcomed change from some of my...

Quietude: The Importance of Connecting With Ourselves

  We have all seen a group of people sitting together in a restaurant waiting for their meal - and everyone is on their phone. Maybe we’ve even done this ourselves when we’re out with friends or family.   Or, in any moment of inactivity, our first instinct...

Ten Ways We Keep Ourselves From Being Happy

  Is it important that we prioritize our happiness?   Seems like an easy enough question, right?   Being happy results in living a fuller, more rewarding life, every single day through the experience of satisfaction, enjoyment, and meaning.  ...

Do We Allow Guilt to Sabotage Our Self-Love?

  Do you make decisions in your life based upon your best interests?   Or do you sometimes make decisions that are not in your best interest due to feelings of guilt that may arise?   For example, let’s say a friend asks for help after work with her...

Six Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

  The word "toxic" is thrown about a lot these days: toxic workplaces, toxic masculinity, toxic positivity, toxic relationships.   In using the word "toxic," are we being overly dramatic in how we characterize our relationships? What happened to simply being...

Why Organizing Your Home Is A Powerful Form Of Self-Care

  January 14th is the annual “Organize Your Home Day.”   We are fresh off the holidays. For many, this season brought us an influx of presents and toys, food and drink, visitors and overnight house guests. The holiday decorations may be overstaying their...

If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going

  I am lucky to be alive. Living into my 20s was a near miracle, let alone seeing the year 2022.   I’m living proof that, even though trauma can scar us deeply, we can survive. We can thrive.   There is an innate power in all of us that, when we embrace...

Kick Start Your 2022 Goals By Filling Your Power Container

  January is named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings.   2022 has begun, and we leave 2021 behind with hope for a fresh start.   We hold hope for growth, connection, and adventure. We renew our commitments to taking better care of our...

Do You Respond Or React?

  To respond or react, that is the question. How you answer that may have bigger consequences for your life than you might even be aware of.   When someone behaves a certain way towards you, how you respond is always under your control.   But if instead...

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Vision Board Worksheet

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