If You Want Respect, You Have To First Treat Yourself With Respect

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Have you ever observed the way men treat other men, compared to how they treat women, can look very different?


It’s especially apparent here in the South, where I live in Atlanta, Georgia.


Not too long ago I found myself talking to one of these men in a social situation. He was an acquaintance, someone I met through someone else.


Then, during our conversation, when it came time for me to respond, in the middle of my response, he rudely turned away and said he was going to watch the band that was playing. It’s not like the band hadn’t been playing all along!


I felt treated like chopped liver (lol not sure how chopped liver feels now that I think about it).


There was no way he would have done that to another dude. Because it was clearly rude, dismissive and disrespectful.


So I walked away, no explanation.


At that very moment, I decided that I didn’t need to know this person. He lost his access to me.


The rest of the night he acted oddly toward me. It was kind of funny to observe. He didn’t know what to do.


That doesn’t happen. Women in the South are supposed to fall into line and let guys get away with their bad behavior, right?


But I respect myself enough not too allow anyone who treats me with disrespect further access to me.


I bet he now thinks a little bit differently about how he treats women. At least I hope so.


For things to really change on a societal level though, as women, we have to change ourselves. Because we teach others how to treat us.


If we want respect, we have to first treat ourselves with respect 🙌 .


You may wonder, how did I get to be the way that I am? How did I learn to break free from people-pleasing behaviors & the need for external approval?


A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me that same thing? And it was her inquiry that led me to do some major self-reflection. 


I started journaling about my experiences, which led to me writing my first book “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness And Success Through Self-Love”. 


That writing experience changed my life, and is now changing the lives of other women. The book has since won a couple of awards, including top honors in the Women’s Health category in the 2023 National Indie Excellence Awards, an achievement I feel both incredibly humbled and honored by.


If we want to be treated with value and work, home or in relationships, we have to first value ourselves.


If we want to someone else to fall madly, deeply in love with us, we have to first fall deeply in love with ourselves.


It all starts with our relationship with ourselves, which is the most important relationship we’ve got.

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