5 Ways We Give Our Power Away + How To Reclaim It

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the only power anyone has over you is the power you give



Today, I wanted to share some of the ways in which we inadvertently give our power away, and how self-love can help us keep our power.


There are many subtle ways we relinquish control over our lives and allow external sources to influence our decisions, emotions, and self-worth.


By bringing awareness to these external influences, and learning how to navigate them, you can step more fully into your power and lead a more fulfilling life.


Below I share five ways we give our power away and how we can take it back in these situations:


1) MONEY: Relying on someone else for money, thus giving others power over our lives.


How to stay in your power: Know your value. Know your worth. No amount of money will ever be able to amount to how worthy and valuable you really are. You. Are. Priceless.


2) A SECRET: Something about you or your past that you don’t want anyone to know.


How to take your power back: Own your story. Make peace with all the parts of you, the good stories AND the ugly stories too. Then you won’t care —which is a powerFULL place to be. Shame can keep us bound up in chains for a lifetime. Free yourself from the shameful stories that you try to hide from and take your power back.


3) OBLIGATION: Feeling as though you “should” be doing certain things.


“Should” according to who? We do this to ourselves constantly, giving our power away to all the “shoulds” in our lives


Some of those “shoulds” may include:


– I should be married
– I should have children
– I should be doing more
– I should (fill in the blank)


How to take your power back: Really question those “shoulds” before allowing them to have power over you. Ask yourself…”should according to who?”. It’s your life. You set the “shoulds” in your life.


4) HIERARCHY: Giving someone a position of power over you based on their title, social status, etc.


How to take your power back: Know that we are all human, and all the same at the molecular level. If someone loses their title or position, they fall out of their position of power over you. This is not real power.


Real power is self-power. That’s your power and you can take it back at any time.


Be beneath no one, and above no one. Honor and respect others, but no more or less than you honor and respect yourself.


5) FEAR: Allowing external sources, such as the media, government, political parties, and the like, to hook our attention and then use fearful stories to take our power from us.


How to stay in your power: As Franklin D. Roosevelt. once famously said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.


Fear is not real. It’s an imagined future that keeps us under stress, and in a power-draining “fight-or-flight” mode.


We tend to think hate is the opposite of love. But come to find out, fear is the opposite of love.


Watch where you are giving your time and attention to. If any outside source is feeding you fearful stories and keeping you bound in a state of fear, you can always remove your time and attention from these sources and thus take your power back.


A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, are things external sources providing me with happiness, peace, love and the other good things I want in life?  If not, we need to be very careful about giving them our valuable time, attention, and power.


Own your power.


Own your stories.


Stay rooted in self-love. Your love is your power. When you put yourself first and prioritize your  well-being and happiness, everything else falls into place.


You got this! ❤️

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