Is Fear Hindering You From Pursuing What You Really Want?

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Have you ever wanted to do something that really lit you all up inside at just the thought of it?


But then, when you started to think about the logistics of actually getting it started, you freaked out, and perhaps even gave it up, because fear got in the way?


If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE my friend.


Recently, I sat down with my friend Judi Holler, the Fear Boss herself, to talk about fear, and all the ways it works to prevent us from reaching our dreams and goals.


It was super-surreal having this conversation with Judi on my show (and even calling her a friend) because it was just a couple of years ago that fear *could have* gotten in the way from me getting to connect with Judi in the first place.


You see, I was a budding author with zero previous professional writing experience. And I was just beginning my journey to try to reach my goal of becoming a published author and keynote speaker.


And here was Judi, this rock star speaker and author whose name I was seeing all over the place.


So my inspired thought was, wouldn’t it be amazing to have Judi read my manuscript and give me a blurb for my book?!


BTW, a blurb is what they call those short quotes that you usually see on the back cover of a book, or the front inside pages, usually from a notable author, known figure or business leader.


Of course, the thought of having THE Judi Holler write a blurb for my little ol’ book was sooooo inspiring! And I was all like, HELL YEAH!!


But then, like clockwork, just as soon as I started to try and figure out how to get in touch with her (the logistics) to make the request, that pesky fear reared it’s ugly head and DID what it DOES best.


However, luckily I’d already learned about what fear, the dream-killer, does to play all sorts of nasty little tricks on our minds and stop us.


And one of the places that I receive some of the tools I use to battle fear is this wonderful little hot pink book titled “Fear Is My Homeboy” by Judi Holler.


And so, I decided to push fear aside and went for it anyway. 


As you can see in the image below, I’m soooo HAPPY that I chose to overcome that fear rather than give in to it. 🙌



Now, imagine if I had let fear have it’s way with me instead?


Well, I definitely wouldn’t have even written my book in the first place!

So I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you, is there something that you’ve been stewing on lately (or maybe even for years) that you’ve perhaps let fear stop YOU from going for?


If so, this episode may be just the magic sauce you need to need to turn the corner. Check it out here.


Oh and here’s the link if you’re interested in checking out Judi’s book “Fear Is My Homeboy”


At the end of our conversation, she gives an overview of her brand new Speaker School where she’ll be teaching all the insights and secrets to becoming a top keynote speaker that she’s learned over the last decade.


If you’re interested, registration opens May 8th and closes May 17th, 2023 and will probably be the only time she’s got this open for the whole year. You can learn more at

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