Kick Start Your 2022 Goals By Filling Your Power Container

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Fill up your power container in 2022


January is named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings.


2022 has begun, and we leave 2021 behind with hope for a fresh start.


We hold hope for growth, connection, and adventure. We renew our commitments to taking better care of our bodies, our finances, our families. We write resolutions, outline 22 goals in 2022, or choose one word that will guide us this year.


We believe in the power of a new year to inspire us to be different, better.


January can sometimes also require change. More people file for divorce in January than any other month.


What changes will you make in 2022?


Before you start changing, I offer a gentle reminder: Be kind to yourself, and in the upcoming days, generate renewal by creating a self-care habit.


We’ve just come off of two years of uncertainty, financial hardships, health challenges, overstimulation (those of us living with others, especially children), isolation (those of us living alone or in relationships that make us feel alone), and an overall reckoning that is driving us to assess our life choices.


We’re also finishing the holiday season, a time that can amplify highs and lows, and that comes with excess – more food, spending, and family time than we are used to. As women and mothers, we may have exhausted ourselves by intently focusing on everyone else’s needs.


So I ask you, as we start 2022, to make time every day to do something for YOU.


Yes, every single day. You deserve this.


It can be walking, reading, journaling, creating, connecting with those who mean the most to you.


I’m going to share with you why this daily practice is so critical.


Imagine you have this vessel inside of you that, when filled, makes you feel radiant. Sparks your positive energy. Inspires you to live to your potential.


This is your POWER CONTAINER. You can fill it with daily acts of self-care and self-love.


And before you tackle your 2022 changes, check the level of your power container. If it’s depleted from the past year and the holidays, now is the time to replenish it. I promise that doing this will give you the energy, confidence, and motivation to thrive in the new year!


Others ways to fill your power container:


– Prioritizing your needs and your happiness.

– Investing in your well-being through education, healthy eating, and healthy living, and

– Focusing on relationships that lift you rather than tear you down.


Happy New Year to you, my sisters. Wishing you a Power-FULL 2022!


Take care of yourselves, fill up your power containers, and be ready to shine this year!

My new book, “I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love,” will launch on March 8, 2022.


In this book, I guide you through defining self-love, how we sabotage self-love, how to put yourself first, how to use self-love to be valued at work, how to balance caring for yourself and caring for others, and much more.

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