Vision Boards (Part 2): Five Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams & Goals

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Creating a vision board is a low-cost or no-cost, high-return activity that engages your creativity and imagination in envisioning what you wish your future life to look like.


Using images, phrases, and words cut out from magazines is one way to create a vision board. This can be a lot of fun, especially in a group setting.


Or, you can also create a vision board online. If you wish to create your vision board electronically, you can use my Vision Board Worksheet (shown below), Canva’s free vision board templates, and the limitless images available online.


And if you’d like to increase the fun factor – making vision boards is even more magical with friends! I’ve thrown a few vision board parties myself, and let me tell you, they’re an absolute blast – full of laughter, sharing dreams, and of course, a little bit of mess!


Here are five easy steps to create a vision board for yourself or to host your own vision board party


  1. Obtain a few inexpensive supplies, including old magazines.


Gather as many magazines as you can – the more the better. If you’re hosting a vision board event, you can also ask your guests to bring them to the party. You can also try asking your local library or your neighbors through a post on Nextdoor.


You’ll need the following supplies: Paperboard or foam core (20” x 30” works great for a vision board collage), scissors, glue sticks, and pens.


  1. Check out some vision board examples for inspiration and layout ideas.


Here are some vision board examples I found on Pinterest.


How you structure your vision board is completely up to you. Create what inspires you!


  1. Complete my 3 page Vision Board Worksheet before clipping out words and images.





If you’re hosting a party, share this Vision Board Worksheet with everyone who is creating a vision board, and allow ~20-30 minutes for all to write down their goals, aspirations, and dreams – as well as what images might represent these – in the provided spaces.


Filling out this worksheet prompts you to contemplate what you wish to manifest in your life in the upcoming months and years. Spending time imagining your best life and writing down your goals is a critical part of the visualization process that can propel you in the direction of your goals.


A few options to facilitate filling out the Vision Board Worksheets:

  • Have everyone complete their worksheets ahead of time to bring to the vision board party,
  • Provide everyone with the worksheets to fill out at the beginning of your vision board party, or
  • Provide blank paper and pens to everyone, and read the worksheet prompts for them to answer at the beginning of your vision board exercise.


You can download, print, and share this Vision Board Worksheet PDF by clicking the button above.


  1. Create an inspiring collage that displays your goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Cut out images, phrases, words, and combinations of words from the magazines that represent the one-year and five-year goals you included on your Vision Board Worksheets.


Create your vision board however you like, using your creative imagination. You can cluster your words and images according to the Vision Board Worksheet categories (home, relationships, travel, side hustle, etc.) or choose other layouts that speaks to you visually.


Pro Tip: Lay out your images and words on your vision board before gluing them down, allowing yourself flexibility to rearrange them as you are inspired by other items you find. When you have your board laid out how you like, attach your cutouts with glue stick.


  1. Place your vision board in a location where you will see it every day.


This visualization of your goals is a daily reminder of what you wish to achieve.


Manifest what you want through your vision board. As you view your selected images, phrases, and words, imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal. Enjoy that emotion. Let it inspire your actions and decisions.


Use your vision board to manifest your best life. Share your board with those who will encourage and support you in becoming your best self.


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Vision Board Worksheet

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